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Tell us a little bit about GO Riteway:

Our company was founded in 1957 in a kind of “necessity is the mother of invention” moment. Rural residents in Germantown, WI needed a solution to get their kids to a newly-built high school. Rollie and Pearl Bast stepped forward and decided to add buses to their repertoire of farming activities. They started with 4 buses, and things grew from there organically but steadily. Today we have over 1400 employees and operate from multiple terminals serving customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota. While our school bus division remains a primary part of the GO Riteway Transportation Group, with new districts being added on a fairly regular basis, our commercial division portfolio encompasses our black car and coach operations.

Brad Wallace GO Riteway Transportation Group

What do you wish more people knew about the business?

We remain a privately-held business with the Bast family at the helm. We also own our entire fleet — a full range of vehicles for all service options — and everyone who works for us is an official employee on our payroll. By introducing our “full-time driver” position, we’ve been able to create a mutually-beneficial agreement with our drivers where they are guaranteed hours and we are able to cultivate long-term and consistent relationships with them. This structure is something we’re very proud of, and speaks to our ongoing focus on company culture and guaranteeing that we stand behind our services 1000%. The above-and-beyond consistency, quality control, and safety standards we’re able to offer our clients are a result of holding everything under our own roof.

How did you, personally, end up in the transportation industry?

I was working as a marketing consultant, and became fascinated by the often-disparate intricacies of the transportation industry. I kept asking questions, meeting owners and operators, and eventually started driving part time for GO Riteway. I picked up a few weekend shifts, and then committed more and more time — I loved controlling my own schedule, and moved further away from my corporate endeavors. The GO Riteway team felt like my marketing expertise was an asset, and they ended up creating a Marketing Coordinator position specifically for me. Eventually I transitioned into sales, and now I’ve been with them for 10 years.

What has been your experience as an ILLBA member?

If you want to be a better operator, you need to talk to other operators. You need some outside influences too, but there’s nothing like talking the talk with another operator, especially one who “gets it.” The ILLBA offers so many opportunities to connect, trade ideas, collaborate, and learn from your peers and fellow industry pioneers. We’re not even based in Illinois, but we do have a location there, and joined the ILLBA for the continuing education and bond-building. The Great Lakes Transportation Show was a critical piece in pulling us back in last year, and we’re excited for the 2024 event.

In the end, staying in tune with the industry will always be helpful. The ILLBA cultivates a great climate, people are willing to share, and there are plenty of conversations to be had.

How are you spending your time outside of the business?

I have 4 kids and a Harley Davidson that get a lot of attention, plus lately I’ve had the pleasure of spending more and more time with my wife. Family time is hugely important to us, and we travel together as often as possible. I also play the guitar, and try to get together with a few friends to riff whenever we can — sort of like making plans for golf, but it’s instruments. Fun, loud, rock music.

Any predictions, hopes, or ambitions for the future of our industry?

The pandemic taught us that you can’t always predict what’s going to happen. Corporate travel will continue to be reimagined, and we’ll all be part of it. Staying ahead of costs and pricing can go a long way — if you don’t know how much your trip costs, you don’t know how your business is running. I’m always focused on the reality of a situation, and remaining strategic about how to thrive in it. I still believe that no matter what you’re charging, if you provide equivalent value that your clients can see and feel, you’ll succeed. We provide an experience.

GO Riteway Transportation Group

You can reach Brad at [email protected], +1 414 570 5219, or on LinkedIn.

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